The IT infrastructure blueprint: how to build the work from anywhere enterprise

Dion Hinchcliffe

We heard from Dion Hinchcliffe as he took the latest independently commissioned research, The New Digital Workplace: Employee experiences with universal remote working since COVID, and turned it into an actionable technology roadmap, showing you how to build the new WFA enterprise.

You’ll learn about all the endpoint management, ITSM, and digital experience monitoring tools you need to make the WFA enterprise a reality. Everything from how to choose a tool, to implementation and use cases, and how they will improve your IT infrastructure going forward.

About Dion Hinchcliffe

Dion Hinchllffe, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, works with the leadership teams of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 firms to drive successful change with emerging digital methods including employee experience, online community, cloud computing, data centers, digital business models, internet ecosystems, internet of things, workforce collaboration, and the future of work.

He is an internationally recognized business strategist, bestselling author, enterprise architect, industry analyst, and noted keynote speaker. Widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in digital strategy, the future of work, and enterprise IT, he has been a columnist for InformationWeek, ZDNet, and Enterprise Irregulars, and he was an Editor-in-Chief of Social Computing Journal and AjaxWorld Magazine.

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WFA research

Employees + Anywhere =
The New Digital Workplace

Our exclusive, independent research reveals all about employees’ experiences, expectations and frustrations since COVID began and remote working took over. Get all the insights and the industry’s first IT blueprint for the Work From Anywhere Enterprise.