The evolution of service experience management

WBM Technologies is a Canadian leader in helping organizations achieve new levels of innovation, collaboration, and productivity through technology. Their team of IT professionals fuel some of Canada’s leading enterprises through four key practice areas: Data & Security, End-User Computing, Managed Print Solutions, and Enterprise Service Desk.  

Director of End-User Computing at WBM, Jamie MacKenzie, joined us to explore the transformational power of automation and analytics in service delivery. Using quantitative metrics and real case studies, this session explained how to evolve service experience management to meet the needs of the hybrid workforce.

In this session we:

  • Heard inspiring success stories from WBM clients that have successfully implemented service desk automation with quantifiable success, and learn how they did it. 
  • Learned more about the next phase in the evolution of service experience management, Experience Level Agreements (XLAs), and how innovative service desks are using them today. 
  • Got actionable takeaways about how to measure service experience management, what to prioritize, and how to engage end users along the way.