The path to maturing digital employee experience for hybrid working

Digital Employee Experience – How does your organization rank? Where can you improve? Find out with Forrester’s new DEX Maturity Model.

Workplace analytics and employee engagement metrics are table stakes for the modern enterprise. With the move to hybrid work, having insight into an employee’s digital experience is the key to a happy and productive workforce. 

The question is, how do you actually know you’re tracking the right metrics and using them to make the necessary changes that lead to a better Digital Employee Experience? 

Andrew Hewitt, Senior analyst at Forrester – and an advocate of technology experience improvements – lead our keynote. He unveiled Forrester’s exclusive new research that provides an industry standard benchmark for Digital Employee Experience (DEX) maturity. 

What you can expect to learn this session:

  • How the most mature organizations handle DEX
  • How to assess your own DEX maturity, the key areas you need to improve, and the actions you need to take to catch up with the market.
  • How digital experience analytics effectively support a transition to long-term hybrid working.