Gartner: Implementing DEX and Insights-Driven Experience Automation (IDEA)

Digital employee experience (DEX) offers IT organizations the opportunity to do something about a bad technology experience. Dan Wilson, Senior Director Analyst at Gartner, joined us to unveil Gartner’s emerging new category – DEX – that transcends simply “admiring” the problems employees face in their digitally corporate lives. Hspoke to the greater need for Insights-Driven Experience Automation (IDEA) that goes beyond analytics to eliminate employee experience degradation and productivity-inhibiting issues. 

Join this session to:

  • Learn more about Gartner’s emerging new category, Digital Employee Experience (DEX), that builds upon the pre-existing Digital Experience Monitoring market
  • Hear what IDEA could mean for your organization and how to get started with implementing an automation-driven approach to DEX
  • Learn what analytics you need that provide accurate insight into the digital employee experience rather than superficial, surface-level findings