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Tachyon Masterclass: Proactive problem hunting with the 1E Tachyon Platform

Sep. 30, 2021 | 16:35 -17:00

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This hugely popular session never fails to deliver! Jason Keogh, Partner Chief Technologist at 1E, will be back again to talk all things the 1E Tachyon Platform. Featuring live demos and Q&A, this time Jason will be demonstrating how to use the capabilities of the platform to implement a problem hunting methodology in three steps: find the problem, fix it once, fix it forever for all users.

Join this session to:

  • Uncover the easy steps of implementing a problem hunting methodology with the 1E Tachyon Platform
  • See real-time demos of the methodology in action featuring real-world use cases
  • Hear Jason share key success stories and learnings from the field