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Applying remote first, automate first to ITSM

Nov. 18, 2020 17:00 - 17:30 GMT

Building on the day 2 keynote from Stuart Downes, this session with Chris Pope, VP Innovation at ServiceNow, will explore how to apply the principle of remote first, automate first to IT Service Management. Offering best practices, useful case studies and fresh approaches, this session will provide you with the insights you need to spearhead a more innovative approach to ITSM.

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About Chris Pope

As VP Innovation at ServiceNow, Chris speaks with CIOs, heads of IT and business transformation leaders about their experiences and ambitions to understand their vision for the digital workplace. He’s passionate about enabling them to think differently and challenge the status quo to create the opportunities that will transform their business approach. He also works closely with central and local government departments on initiatives to transform the citizen experience. Outside of work, Chris is a keen golfer and loves to travel.