IT strategy

This track brings together IT leaders and technology experts to share best practices and expert advice on how to focus your IT strategy on the future of work.

It’s never been more important for your CIO agenda and IT strategy to be built on a foundation of employee centricity and to align with the organization’s aspirations to empower the anywhere employee. With new technology reaching maturation in 2021 and new guiding principles being designed for the post-pandemic workplace, the IT strategy sessions will cover everything you need to know to adapt your IT strategy to suit the Work From Anywhere Enterprise in 2021.

What to expect from the IT strategy sessions:
  • Learn about the technology trends that will shape the IT landscape in 2021
  • Hear from fellow CIOs and IT leaders on how they’re preparing for the future of work in 2021
  • Engage with the IT community to share best practices and tips to thrive in this new digital workplace landscape

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