Research: Assessing enterprises’ preparedness for remediating digital experience issues

IT Automation strategies for Remediating Digital Experience Issues

The average worker is impacted by a digital experience problem 18 times each week! At the enterprise level, that can mean a total of a half-million issues every month.

If your IT administrators are still relying on a mostly manual process for remediation, it’s impossible that they would be able to handle even a portion of these issues. Unresolved IT issues can greatly impact Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

In this session, Steve Brasen, Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates, provides an informative look at brand new research about using automation for remediation digital experience issues. Watch on to see how the most mature organizations use automation to remediate a wide variety of digital experience issues at scale and how you can apply those same strategies within your company.

What you can expect to learn this session:

  • Where enterprises are in their automation journeys and how this relates to their DEX maturity score.
  • What gaps still exist in the DEX market today and what to do about them.
  • What peak automation maturity really means and how to achieve it.