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Turning manual service desk tasks into automated resolutions

Sep. 30, 2021 | 14:05 -14:25

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IT Automation Strategies that will Deliver Real Results

Despite the promise of self-service, proactive remediation, and shift-left practices, most IT automation initiatives fail. That’s because many service desks struggle to truly automate at the level required to reduce incident volume and ticket costs at a meaningful level. Nor are they able to meet end users’ expectations for a modern service desk experience that empowers them to be self-sufficient.

Automation is difficult. Join this session led by DXC’s Janine Savoury and 1E’s Steve Melnyk to explore one company’s successful implementation of an IT automation strategy that yielded a more efficient Service Desk and improved their Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

What you can expect to learn this session:

  • What service desk efficiency looks like based on real KPIs and their effect on DEX.
  • The types of automation that have a true impact on incident volume and agent workload.
  • Tips and suggestions for service desk leaders looking to optimize organizational practices.