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1E Showcase: The next chapter in digital employee experience management

Sep. 30, 2021 | 13:30 -13:55

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How the 1E Platform Delivers a Better Digital Employee Experience

In this session, we’re unveiling revolutionary new capabilities on the 1E Tachyon Platform. Each new feature has been designed to enable IT to deliver an unparalleled digital employee experience (DEX). We’re showcasing new features for DEX, ITSM Automation, as well UEM. This is your next juncture in your approach to DEX management.

What you can expect to see in this session:

  • This first unveiling of the latest DEX focused product features for the 1E Tachyon Platform
  • Live demos of 1E technology based on real-world use cases
  • A live audience Q&A about 1E’s product roadmap and technology